What a sad mess this really all is for weddings, and all those involved. People are heading on their holidays to Europe, eating out at restaurants, drinking in pubs, taking public transport to work, but small weddings with less than 30 guests? No. 

How can it be ok to sit in a pub with total strangers and board a plane sharing the same cabin air, but you can’t celebrate with your nearest and dearest? If for argument sake you got married in the fruit and veg aisle in Lidl is this allowed?

Weddings and Coronavirus

Personally, announcing the day before, that 30-guest receptions cannot go ahead as planned is thoughtless. I understand that we all need to keep safe, but there is no real clarity. The sector is pretty much on it’s knees, and weddings are not even given a chance. The poor couples who have put their heart and soul into it, just for their big (or small) day to be pulled from under their feet! Close all the beaches and pubs, I’d genuinely prefer this and give it some balance within the UK, unlike me, who can’t even stand up on a paddle board.

The Government has just introduced the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, encouraging people to eat with random strangers, great initiative, but not a chance in hell you can have a sit down with your family and friends.


Why is the wedding industry not as valid as revenue from pubs? There are so many questions from wedding suppliers that aren’t getting answered.

Anyway, I do feel better after this little rant. I’ve included a selection of moments that I have captured during weddings, you know the stuff, like touching, hugging and normal closer than two metres apart, back in the old days, where I’m hoping very soon we can all return. 

Thank you for taking the time.


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