For anyone who systematically reads my blogs word for word (yeah right, not even my mam does) you’d notice a strong occurrence of me saying how lovely the couple are and how fab the wedding venue was.  Well, this one shall be no different, and I’ll tell you why. 

Cassie and Jonny’s ( who are lovely ) wedding ( at the fab ) Huntsham Court was amazing, one of my most favourite wedding couples ever, in one of my favourite venues, it’s true!! A perfect match and a prefect day.  I apologise for being predictable but I’m very thankful each wedding I get the opportunity and chance to be. I’m in a really humble situation these days of working with the best clients that suit me and my style, and Cassie and Jonny epitomised this totally, in all fairness, the guests were all spot on too, and made it all what it was.

Both living in London, Huntsham Court seems one of the the perfect getaways for a wedding weekend, it felt like a party when I turned up on the morning of the wedding, and I was gate crashing it, which suited me just fine. 

The evening party time was fun, and I always stay for an hour or so, even longer during this time, to proper capture the vibe  and energy of every single wedding day, I actually found it pretty hard to leave this one, as I never go when there is still great pictures to be had.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy looking through Cassie and Jonny’s Huntsham Court wedding, for other featured blogs please click here to see.


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  • Cassie March 18, 2018   Reply →

    YEEEEEESSSS we loved having you as our photographer Gareth! Best day EVERRRRRR

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