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I was extremely chuffed to get hired to be Lian and Andy’s wedding photographer in Castle Coombe Wiltshire.  I had heard so many great things about the place, like it was so picturesque it could go on a chocolate box, this phrase to me is banded about way too easy, but in all fairness, it lived up to the name, a wonderful setting to get married.  Not only was it the big day for Lian and Andy, but their son […]


I have been meaning to blog about this wedding for quite a while now, so I’ve taken this slightly quieter time of the season to put this together. The wedding of the lovely Vicki and Craig at Coombe Lodge in Blagdon near Bristol, and such an incredible venue which offers everything in terms of photographs, beautiful natural light, space, and the grounds are just awesome! So here we are, a sunny crisp October day, the day started off in Newport Wales, just […]


Every year I put together a collection of images from the year, in no particular order, these are the images that stick with me, and the memories I took away from the actual wedding, and still have of the day itself with the people involved. I strongly believe weddings are a joint effort between the couple and photographer, there has to be a common ground between all of us, with the same goal and end game, which is to get […]


I was pretty excited when I got hired to do a spot of wedding photography in Cambridge, not been there, especially for anything academic for sure. So I set off around 11am the previous morning from my home near Exeter in Devon, and got to site at a staggering 21.45pm, wow! I never knew Friday traffic could be so brutal, I can remember just being stuck on the road seven hours in and clocking a sign which read Felixstowe 90 […]


It still feels like I’m on holiday, every time I do wedding photography in St Ives, flashing back to days gone by of seagulls stealing my chips out of my hand, that light which hits you like a rubber mallet on the back of your head as you approach the peninsular, and not being more than 6ft from a hot steaming pastie at any one time, it’s great! I love to visit, and being a wedding photographer in St Ives is just awesome.  […]


What is documentary wedding photography? A good question. Basically it’s a style of taking photos of your wedding day candidly, naturally and without direction. Documentary wedding photographers tell your story of your day, in a genuine unobtrusive way, capturing the moment as it happens, like a story teller, without the narrator.  It side steps away from the traditional format of wedding photography, the all posed, grip and grin pictures, that seemed to have been dominating the market, and the norm for many many years.  Reportage […]

Bride Westpoint wedding show

Bride: The Wedding Show at Westpoint Exeter

The wedding show at Westpoint Exeter has long been in the calendar and it’s an event that I really look forward to each time I attend. So many new people to meet as well as saying hello to some of my industry peers. This weekend I shall be on stand 517 showing a selection of my documentary wedding photography. You can also see a few examples below. There will be hundreds of stands as well as catwalk shows, a cafe […]


For anyone who knows me, my DIY skills are not that strong, but when I first moved from Wales to Devon way back in 1998 my job to settle in a brand new country was working at B&Q, which seemed an ironic move. I wasn’t the best at the job to be fair, my check out skills were poor, legend has it I let a fully grown two piece shed through once without zapping it, my till was not adding […]


Well, this was a nice wedding, with even lovelier people, up in North Devon, at the Ash Barton Estate, never been before, but would love to return and shoot another wedding at some point. Gina and Chris, and daughter Indie were the folk involved, along with all the other guests obviously, and a great day was had by all. Gina got in touch relatively in advance of her wedding, in comparison to most, and I remember it like yesterday. I […]


We walked around Fernworthy Reservoir for the pre shoot, it was then that Elizabeth told me there was an old village at the bottom of the lake, how cool was that? A whole village under water, and you could see the church steeple when the reservoir is low enough, anyway, enough of the history, let’s chat about their wedding.  They got married at the awesome Berry Head Hotel in Brixham, where we took two trips to the beach during the […]