I was always going to enjoy photographing this wedding, not only was it an old friend from school, but it was at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham, plus Tash and Jon were a great couple to photograph, both fun and up for it, which made my day a lot more comfortable.

Being a cricket fan the task I was given was always going to be met with enthusiasm and pace, the same sort our very own English batsmen probably met right here over the years by frothing at the mouth angry Opening West Indian bowlers.

The day was very hot, perfect for the wedding party, not a cloud hardly in the sky. Tash beamed as she sipped Champagne whilst getting ready with her mum, windows flung wide open to let in as much air and sun as possible, it was going to be a good day.

I finished the bridal prep photos in good time, enough to make my way to the groom, where he was swilling a few pre-wedding drinks down at the pub, it’s a tough job being the groom having a cold pint in this heat I thought.

It was great to have free reigns around the ground to take the photos when and where ever, Jon is an excellent cricketer, not that I’d ever tell him that, and we both used to talk non-stop cricket during our school days, so it felt fitting that we should both be walking around Trent Bridge twenty years on.

The players balcony was where I was instructed I must get a photo of the couple, yes it felt good up there, stood where so many top International players have stood, and lets face it, it was as close I was going to get.

Hope you like the pictures, and I wish the very best of luck to Tash and Jon for the future 🙂

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