The wedding of Lucy and Chris Jarman was a pleasure, held at a great venue in Eggesford. A good setting, within walking distance of tons of photo opportunities, more lakes than you can throw shopping trollies in, friendly staff, nice food and most importantly a fun wedding party to deal with all day, now, thats enough of free PR for The Fox and Hounds Hotel, lets get to the business end of this blog and talk pictures.

Turning up for bridal preparation photos four hours before the actual wedding itself keen and coiled, I was aware that perhaps the groom Chris was still in bed at home twenty five miles away in Exeter, making the most of being a free man, I say this after photographing Chris with a ball and chain he was given as a quip by his best men at the speeches.

The ceremony itself was going to be held outside weather permitting, I wanted it outside as much as the bridal party, chasing half decent light in a room not specifically built for ceremonies is no picnic, and it was a lovely setting outside on the freshly cut lawn.

I was accompanied by my girlfriend Sarah, who herself is a good snapper, my second shooter, and a great eye for capturing the finer details, as I elbow my way through the day snapping everything that moves, its nice to know I have someone there as sweeper, to scoop up stuff I miss.  Bridal prep pictures went well, the awkward wooden cut poses that were there at the start of the morning, fell loose and relaxed as it progressed, it just takes one frame, one conversation, a glass of bubbly even, and we’re all dancing on the same page.

One thing I have learnt over the last ten years of shooting weddings, is never leave the Bride and Groom wondering or wanting more photographs taken, push the day to its photographic limit, they are most important and want pictures come the morning, as along with the hangover, is all they have left.

I have grown in confidence in telling the couples what they want and require, and it seems to work, don’t get me wrong I’m not dragging the groom by his braces down to the “nice tree by the river” at sunset to get the picture, but a gentle reminder of what is possible, and that’s all I can do, but as it goes, Lucy and Chris were a dream couple to work with, enthusiastic and knew what they wanted, Lucy especially, which worked for me.

The ceremony went ahead outside, lovely stuff, not a cloud in the sky come kick off, everyone seemed to have a great day, but I knew my job wasn’t totally done, as Lucy had told me previously that a bouquet toss was going ahead on the dancefloor after the first dance. Now, there was sub zero light at the first dance, let alone an hour or so later, I wasn’t very confident on bagging this one, it was a picture you cannot re-create, a one off, all or nothing, no light, a moving target, one bouquet, and a dozen screaming girls – Game On.

I wish Lucy and Chris all the luck and happiness in the world, a lovely couple, thanks for your time 🙂 …………….

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  • James Millar September 28, 2012  

    Great pictures, nice work