Doing the wedding photography at St Olaves Hotel for Nicky and Shane was an absolute pleasure, such a lovely couple, friendly and relaxed. In our pre-wedding meeting I was basically told to “shoot it my way”, which was something in this job I can never hear enough of.

They trusted my documentary style and approach I’m aiming to achieve, on seeing previous work, which gave me a huge boost of confidence in knowing I’m there on merit in ways I want to be, to photograph their wedding day.  I arrived at Nicky’s house for the bridal preparation shots in good time, enough time in fact to have walked straight past her house to next door, where Nicky had told me to go, so she could have a laugh at me walking past her window with her hairdresser friend as she was getting ready, apparently. I’ll have to watch this one I thought, jokingly.

Nicky seemed to understand what I was trying to do with the pictures, she would give me a look, along with a slight smile or a glance at the camera, which made the morning a lot easier from a photographic point of view. Her mum, bridesmaids, daughter and the hairdresser were all lovely to photograph.

After getting what I could from this part of the day I made my way to one of the main ingredients of any wedding, the pub. This is the part that loosens the cogs of any matrimony, where I met up with Shane and his close family to photograph them having a pre-wedding swill.

I would recommend the St Olaves Hotel if you want a local wedding in Exeter, great food, hospitality and only two minutes off the busy city centre High Street, but on quiet calming grounds with surrounding areas that could trick any Judith Chalmers into thinking you were not smack bang in the middle of a city, but in a peaceful country house surrounded by lush greenery with cobbled paths.

I enjoyed the wedding, and the company, two lovely sets of family who all seemed up for a good bit of fun. I know Nicky’s brother very well, Tony, who gave the father of the bride speech, which I have added a picture below, and was very funny, but to this very day I still think he’s adopted when you see the gulf in difference in looks between him and his sister..  😉

I am hoping to do a few more weddings here, as it’s only a five minute drive from my own home, which makes for a pleasant change, it doesn’t make for the pictures to go any better or quicker, but more of a chance to be home for match of the day ;).

Hope you enjoy the pictures….

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  • Eleanor August 31, 2012   Reply →

    Absolutely beautiful Gareth…please do ours EXACTLY like this! E x

  • Sue Kennedy March 4, 2017   Reply →

    Her dress is gorgeous! Beautiful photos of a fun, intimate wedding!

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