BOOM!!! Really enjoyed shooting this bridal dress photoshoot at Muddifords Court near Cullompton, Devon. The wedding dresses were supplied by Te Amo Bridal Boutique, cakes by Dazzlelicious Cakes, flowers by Sharon Mesher and stationery by Faithful Designs, all based in Plymouth, we all know each other from the wedding circuit, and always have a giggle and a lol or two when we get together.

We each specialise in different important aspects of every wedding. I’d recommend any of the above to any wedding couple, we all play our part, and get on with it and the job we’re given.

The pictures like I have said are at Muddifords Court, a brilliant venue with accommodating owners.  More than welcomed us when we arrived that morning.

One of the bridal shoot models was my beautiful girlfriend Sarah, luckily I was too caught up in taking pictures than to see her in a wedding dress to take much notice, as I hopefully will be seeing her in 2014 walking towards me rather than away down the aisle on our very own wedding day, but, I did see her though, (fit) and she looks stunning…in the pictures above…she’s the one  in the pink wellies 🙂

Merry Christmas to you all! And have a great time,



GRWPhotography_Muddifords01_10 GRWPhotography_Muddifords02_12  GRWPhotography_Muddifords08_6 GRWPhotography_Muddifords09_8 GRWPhotography_Muddifords10_7 GRWPhotography_Muddifords14_5 GRWPhotography_Muddifords15_2 GRWPhotography_Muddifords19_11 GRWPhotography_Muddifords23_9 GRWPhotography_Muddifords26_3 GRWPhotography_Muddifords28_4 GRWPhotography_Muddifords29_13 GRWPhotography_Muddifords06_1

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