Everyone involved in this wedding played their part brilliantly, the bestman and ushers all got stuck into the fact of being photographed, the venue itself was one of the best I have photographed at, an old country house in Somerset, autumn leaves all around and a crisp wintery glow in the air.  Only a few days before this wedding I took a phone call from a young girl called Cara, she was after a bit of work experience and wondered if at all possible she could help me out with a couple of future weddings, “I’ll pick you up outside the spar in Ashburton at 8am. Bring your camera.” Done!

Cara helped me out greatly on the day, she owns a nice 50mm lens which works great when shooting weddings.

When myself, Rachael and Nick all met up a month previous to run through their wedding day at the venue, I had a great idea of taking a picture of them both sat outside on the window ledge with all the red leaves surrounding them, but I turned up on the morning of their wedding to find all the leaves had dropped off, didn’t think that one through properly, nevermind.

As the whole wedding was in Holbrook House there was no travelling between venues, and jumping in cars etc, and as they were both getting ready there I covered both groom and bridal preparation, the light was perfect for this sort of game, with huge windows, I enjoyed shooting the two sides getting ready equally, everyone was accommodating and seemed up for it. 

I managed to get a few good shots outside after the speeches when dark, I really try and do this with all my wedding couples, as I believe that they are much more relaxed and not so time consumed, with the light a little lower, this extra bit of effort I reckon makes all the difference with the end product.

This is where I want to build from, creating natural relaxing timeless images, documented in a way that sits perfectly and calm when looking back, getting memorable shots of your wedding day is my main aim, as the next morning it will be the pictures you would want to see most.

Thank you for showing interest, please take a peek.


GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_1 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_2 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_3 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_4 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_5 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_6 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_7 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_8 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_9 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_10 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_11 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_12 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_13 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_14 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_15 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_16 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_17 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_18 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_19 GRW_HolbrookhouseWincanton_20

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