I took this wedding booking a long time in advance, it was of Eleanor and John. I have known the couple for over five years, I worked at the newspaper with Eleanor back in my press photographer days, and we used to have a right giggle on some jobs, so to photograph her wedding was a real pleasure.

It was at Holne Park House in Ashburton, a great venue, if the weather is bad and going outside for pictures isn’t really a goer then you have always inside the house, which is stunning in itself, and I believe this makes for a top venue, being versatile, as we all know what the British weather is like!

Luckily the weather was kind, it was a fantastic sunny day, the mood was high and I just knew it was going to be one of the best weddings so far I have done this year.

My second shooter photographer Cara was playing a part in this wedding, as the Groom John was her uncle, and my fiancé Sarah was a bridesmaid to Eleanor, so this was a wedding I had to get right 😉

So being a second photographer down I called on the help of my partners dad Michael to help out with the groom getting ready shots in the morning, and he did a grand job. I knew he would, you don’t become the secretary of Crediton Camera Club for nothing! Michael got stuck in from the very start, and was a great help and I couldn’t have done it without him.

They have a young boy called Benjamin, and I was one of the first people ever to see him, as Eleanor, being a journalist, got the opportunity of having a 4D scan done for a feature and I was there photographing the event. One doctor, two parents and me, there with my lens again, it was only El and myself in the back of her wedding car taking her to church too, anymore massive life events you want me there for with my camera Eleanor then just shout 🙂

Congratulations to both, everyone enjoyed themselves, perhaps some a bit too much with the way some dancing went on in the evening!

All good, top day and evening, great crowd,

Thanks for looking


GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_1

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_2

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_3

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_4

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_5

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_6

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_7

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_8

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_9

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_10

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_11

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_12

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_13

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_14

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_15

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_16

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_17

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_18

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_19

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_20

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_21

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_22

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_23

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_24

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_26

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_27

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_28

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_29

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_30

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_31

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_31a

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_32

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_33

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_34

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_35

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_36

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_37

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_38

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_39

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_40

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_42

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_43

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_44

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_45

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_46

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_47

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_48

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_49

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_50

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_51

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_52

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_53

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_54

GRW Photography-Holne-Park-House-wedding-photography_55

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