Veil wedding photos

I could of added many more photos to this blog, as I really do enjoy what a veil can offer on a wedding day. Seeing a brides veil sweep around in the wind, I find it brilliant, it’s fun, that’s what veils are there for, right?

Actually I think traditionally they were meant to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride’s happiness, but whatever the history, as a wedding photographer I always love it, I’ve never seen a bride yet that’s unhappy with her swirling veil. 

Coombe Lodge is up there with brilliant ‘veilige’, (yes it’s a word as I’ve just made it up) had a few naughty veils up there, also Ocean Kave can muster up a bit of fab veil action.

But it’s not just about a bit of wind swirling the veil to me, it’s about what it is and the importance of it. Here is a brief blog on what I’m trying to say and I’ve added a couple of pictures in that hopefully demonstrate this! 

Thanks for looking.


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