Before anyone who has kindly got this far to read this, does so, I must just say that a handful of the first images on this blog are of my girlfriend Sarah in the hospital theatre having a c-section for the birth of our twin boys, Elliott and Ross, so, if you like, this is a disclaimer, it’s hardly going to be like watching the best bits of a ‘Saw’ movie trilogy, but it’s worth pointing out that if you’re the sort of person that turns over when all creatures great and small comes on the TV, then perhaps this isn’t for you, and I can totally respect that, so. Like I said, it really isn’t that bad, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Right, so whoever is still reading then here we go…..

The theatre photos are taking on a compact digital camera and my iphone, I thought it may be a bit much clunking around a hospital theatre with a DSLR, I never really planned to get as much coverage of the event as I did, but I just got into photographer mode, pretty much straight away. Sarah likes recording situations, and having footage to look back on, and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on, it’s what I do for a living, what I’m passionate about doing, so why would I put my camera down now?

I wasn’t even sure if I could handle being in there watching it all to be honest, let alone capturing it.  When I asked the anaesthetist would it be okay to take a few pictures, I’m certain he didn’t expect twin dad to be me, with his cracked screen iphone and so keen.

The delivery team were all fantastic; made us feel relaxed, and even made it fun! Well, I thought so anyway. You could even put your own music on, so Sarah who knew this previously, made up our own compilation, first song out was Frank Sinatra’s ‘I got you under my skin’, followed by ‘The first cut is the deepest’ sung by Sheryl Crow, this made the anaesthetist chuckle, which was good, as it’s good to have those sort of people on your side.

The second part of the blog are photos of the first full day in the hospital, with family visiting, I enjoyed watching our daughter, big sister Rose and her reaction at meeting her two brand new twin brothers. Rose has been superb since, and seems proper proud, and has been helping with nappy changing like a right little matron.

If I have offended anyone with certain pictures then I am sorry, but I did warn you!

The birth of our first Rose two years ago was savage, it was a clean, sterile version of hell for mum especially, so this was a much nicer experience, so wanted to record the situation and get fonder cherished memories to look back on.

Also I’m sure there are much more lovers than haters of this kind of documentary photography, after all, we’re in the 21st century, a reality generation.

Everything went really well, Mum is great, and should be back cooking and cleaning everything before too long 😉

Thanks for looking and taking an interest in what was one of the best days of my life.



























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  • Kelly Joyce March 14, 2013   Reply →

    Ahhhh takes me back lots of beautiful memories! These photos are gorgeous sadly I didn’t look anywhere near as glamorous as Sarah does. I’m so pleased for you all you are going to love having twins it’s extremely tiring but massively rewarding lots of love Kelly xxx

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