I always love shooting weddings at the Tunnels Beaches in North Devon, for a number of reasons really, but one that sticks out to me is that I personally got married there, so I obviously hold a lot of memories and feelings for the place. 

Caroline and Mark were the couple, and such a fab pair to work with, really friendly, approachable and on my page. Both myself and Mark were into the same music, had a passion for football (although Mark was a Liverpool fan and me an Everton), we hit it off and got on well, Caroline was just happy to go with the flow of the wedding photography, just like Mark and to let me do my thing, well, our thing, as I had my brilliant second photographer Joe with me for this one, who blended into the crowd and vibe just as perfect.

So here are twenty pictures to show the wedding, is twenty enough? Probably not, but I’m trying to keep my wedding photography blogging this year quick, sharp and to the point, trying to keep everyone (hopefully) interested. You can read more of my wedding photography blogs here.

Thanks for looking guys! Please get in contact if you would like to find out more.



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