I’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for a long while now, but felt it a little in bad taste at the time, as the wedding morning preparations all began in the Royal Clarence Hotel, in Exeter, which devastatingly only months after these images were taken was destroyed by a huge fire. 

But as restoration plans are well under way, and the people of Exeter are all seeing the future of it all becoming back as it once was, I’m blogging it, yep, and with the added fact that I never get to photograph many weddings within my home town, let alone blog about them, so here it is. 

Bride Jen & groom Chris got married at Exeter Guildhall, but like I said, Jen’s bridal prep was at the Royal Clarence Hotel, an amazing landmark of Exeter, with an array of twists, turns and uneven stairwells and floors, this place had character, and I couldn’t wait to get it all started!

But, that dress!! The first thing that struck me about the whole room the bridal preparation was taking place in, was Jen’s dress, just hanging up all full of charm, like the room itself I suppose, it was the perfect look in such a room, with the Cathedral in the background, I couldn’t have put it there better myself, little frills (possibly not the correct wording but you gets what I’m saying hopefully) at the bottom, so basically to cut a long story short I digged the dress in the window.

Jen mentioned on a previous occasion prior to her wedding that her dog was going to turn up in a suit, and it did, smiling away at the camera like a diva. 

After the ceremony we hit the streets for some couple time pictures, and where better than having a stroll around Exeter Cathedral Yard, the city centre and Exeter Guildhall, on a busy Saturday afternoon, and it was fun, just something a little bit different. 

The wedding breakfast and evening was held in a nice little pub, just outside Exeter, no frills, (apart from the dress of course) no first dance, cutting of a cake, just a couple of speeches, some lovely food and a good old chat with great company, I enjoyed it all immensely.

Jen and Chris wanted to get away from your average traditional wedding day, and I personally think they achieved it, in a fun, easy and relaxed way.



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