Back home up the M5 from sunny Exeter, to my homeland in Wales to photograph a wedding, and that of couple Renae and Owain Williams, got the gig from a recommendation from another wedding I photographed previously, which is always good, as it means I did something right in the process of going from A to B.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, been busy to be fair, but here I am, got engaged along the way, anyone know any good wedding photographers?

Never having met the couple before, I decided to go and introduce myself a few weeks prior to the wedding. Renae was out, so Owain (the groom) and I had a coffee sat outside in his garden, waiting for the bride to get back from the gym. Getting to know each other, and his pet ferret, who’s name escapes me at the moment, nice chap, Owain that is, just how I like my grooms, don’t pull any punches and you know what your getting from the off. Renae turned up twenty minutes later, a little bit sweaty she would be the first to admit, but lovely all the same, and like I perceived from meeting her fiance, was just as grounded and genuine, a nice couple I got myself here I thought.

So, the big day, Porthmawr House near the Brecon Beacons in Crickhowell, an overcast cloudy day, a brides possible nightmare, a wedding photographers dream, light flat, check, no un-wanted shadows, check, no squinting, check, right then, let’s go and take some pictures…

Photographing the bride getting ready was a pleasure, now, I know what your thinking, leave it out, i’m engaged remember? From a photographic point of view I meant. Natural daylight flooded the room from big Georgian windows, the bride was up for instruction, which makes life for me a lot easier, and to put my stamp on it, making the controlled look natural is a big ingredient I try and muster up in my pictures, still learning, but then I think I always will be.

An outdoor ceremony, probably half a raindance away from a washout, the clouds never broke thankfully, a sigh of relief I think was had by all, but it came close. During the day I captured the couple sat on a chair, softlight through windows, in a grand Georgian room, her legs up on his, foreheads touching, gently smiling at each other in love, whhaaamm! There it was, a nice moment for the pair I thought, shame there was a guy sat opposite barking out instructions killing the moment and atmosphere with a camera…..

The day went well, congratulations to Renae and Owain, I wish you happiness and health, it never rained, the bride looked beautiful, and the groom was there too. I personally enjoyed the speeches, especially when a little girl stood up, no more than eight years old, halfway through, un-planned, took the floor, cracked a few funnies and wished them happy times, a lovely touch, summed up the whole relaxed, casual day quite nicely.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thanks for your time…………….

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