Name me one person who doesn’t like walking around a German Christmas market with a cheeky gluvine and a bratwurst sausage about their person. Okay, it may not be up there with the ten things to do before you die, but as markets go, I’m personally always up for a slice.

I fell in love with the German food thing when I went on holiday to Germany as a child of 10. Also living next-door growing up in Wales to a German lady added a lot of weight to my craze for German sausages.

I took a phone call one winters morning from Christine, a woman who’s company had built all the stands and wooden huts at the market in Exeter, she wanted them photographing, some in the day, and some in the evening light, – sausages,-  I thought, where do I sign.

Christine had found me off the internet, (not like that) which to me was an added bonus, as the hours of web work on the internet we have put in may have finally paid off.  Starting off my business on a modest page 27 of Google, at last I was on the radar in the first few pages.

The pictures are pretty straight forward; I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the festive hustle and bustle of shoppers, along with the colours which jumped out from every stall at dusk.  I hope they come back next year, it’s great for the city, and a far better alternative to Lidl.

Thanks for looking ….

GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_1 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_2 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_3 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_4 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_5 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_6 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_7 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_8 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_9 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_10 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_11 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_12 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_13 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_14 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_15 GRW_exeterchristmasmarket_16

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