The great thing about shooting weddings at Polhawn Fort is how easy and simple it all is, and to top it off, you also get access to your own private beach! Apart from this, I get to photograph both sides of the wedding party getting ready during the morning preparations, each time I have shot there the couple get ready right next-door to each other, which is just so much fun and easy from a photography point of view. 

The light is pretty sexy down there as it just glistens right at you through the Fort windows off the Rame peninsula, it’s just magical at times. 

Louisa & Aaron got ready like this, right next-door to each other, where I was able to fleet back and forth like a cheetah in the wild, hunting down it’s prey – just a quick note of reference I am writing this blog in the thick midst of lockdown from COVID-19 just incase my writing goes a little astray at times. 

Hope you enjoy looking, stay safe and if you want to look at other blogs of mine please click here.


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