Thought I’d just share a few photographs of my most recent engagement shoot I did up at the wonderful Haldon Forest near Exeter.

It was with Jade and Rich. I met Jade at a wedding fayre I did recently at Powderham Castle, I was about to pack my stuff up when Jade at last knockings walked in. I’m so glad I didn’t pack away, as I may have missed her, and she would never have got these photographs.

I’m pleased with them, a simple approach I find always works better than trying to complicate things, in a picture sense that is. A happy engaged couple wondering aimlessly around a forest paying no other attention to anything else but each other, BOOM! There you go, no frills, just raw, real images which capture the whole reason why we were all up there. For them.

I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding next March, Jade has bought into my style which I am really hoping to achieve and succeed in, it’s all about trusting the photographer in the approach, and this couple have, a natural calm feel to the pictures, nothing really forced. Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂

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