I met this fun pair at the Westpoint wedding show in Exeter, I only do one wedding show these days and it’s this one, and I was very pleased that Ashlea and James came up to my wedding photography stand. I’m doing the wedding show again next month, and hoping to meet some very similar folk. 

It amazes me how many wedding venues are out there which I have never been to, and Kingston Estate in Staverton, Totnes was one of them, this one as the crow flies is pretty near to my base in Devon. 

I wasn’t alone in documenting this wedding, I had my trustee second photographer Joe with me, who went off on his way to capture the groom James in the morning, while I concentrated on Ashlea at the venue. 

A very photogenic place to shoot bridal preparation I have to say, we used two different rooms which both brought a different feel and vibe, as well as light. Then we all jumped in a camper van into the village, to the church for the “I do”, and then back to Kingston Estate for the party and food. 

Some awesome grounds and gardens awaited Ashlea and James, along with a fabulous sunset, it’s always my aim if the couple are up for it and keen to do some “couple time pictures” before the meal and speeches, as the old saying goes, “get it in the can”, and then if the weather is popping at sunset, we all go back out for 15 minutes, to grab that magical golden hour. 

Thanks for taking the time to sift though all of this.


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