To me, this felt like a gift straight from the wedding gods. Yingwen and Qi’s wedding. 

I was asked to document a wedding over three days. Both sets of parents travelled over from China to be part of this intimate wedding at Lynton and Lynmouth. Yingwen and Qi had just graduated from Cambridge University, and had travelled down to the beautiful North Devon coast for an elopement wedding, so with the parents speaking little english, and my Mandarin not so strong these days it was all set up to be an eventful couple of days spent together. 

We all met up at a nice little restaurant on the Sunday evening, before making our way to the beach, as the sunset was about to pop, we all headed quickly to see this happen, I grabbed my camera, and the show was on the road. 

That evening on the beach prior to the wedding really set the tone, the seven of us, Yingwen and Qi the main focus, lots of pictures, fun and great conversation, even if I did have to go through a translator at times. 

There was no party in the night, no speeches, no cake, no first dance, and brilliantly different, my day finished a lot earlier than normal, as they just wanted some family time that evening, and this is why I guess I’m writing this blog now, at this time, as with my style of photography and approach, anything is possible with your wedding plans, big or small weddings, elopements, it seems couples are out there looking for alternatives at the moment, so I’m just putting myself out there and hopefully creating solutions to problems.

Thanks loads for your time and here is what the couple kindly left as a review for myself to use on my website below.

“It was amazing to have Gareth as my wedding photographer! Our wedding was quite a small one, which basically just had us and our parents as we wanted the family bond to be the highlight of our special moment. Gareth perfectly captured such bond and he made us feel so relaxed even if our parents don’t speak fluent English. The final outcome was really touching! Thank you Gareth for doing such a fantastic job!” – Yingwen & Qi

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