I’ve been fortunate enough on a few occasions to photograph weddings at Huntsham Court, what a place, always a cracking vibe there, as it does lend itself very nicely to a good party, every time in fact and always accompanied by some lush couples filling it nicely with their friends and family. 

Ellie and Jonathan were certainly no exception, both into their theatre, music, acting and dancing and both put on a performance of singing during the evening, it went proper West End at places. 

We had jugglers and singers, definitely not short of entertainment.  

Some wedding venues just suit some people, and Ellie and Jonathan did here, they had a winters wedding which is always pretty cool in a country house and there was a Christmas tree, what more does anyone need. 

One of the good things about weddings here is that there is your very own church on site, so you can get all lovely fuzzy traditional then nip up to the house for a good old knees up. 

For definite the Christmas vibe was all around, such a lovely group of people all in one room, it was my birthday only the day before, so as a Christmas kid i’m always up for a party around then, it all worked. 

Thanks for your time.


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