Four months ago I had the privilege of photographing an old work friend getting a 3D scan of her baby for a newspaper feature where we both worked at the time, fast forward a few months and here we are today. Eleanor and John with baby boy Benjamin, my first proper newborn baby shoot – not that I wasn’t used to photographing babies with parents, as my last job for twelve years in the newspaper game lent itself quite considerably to this kind of business.  I rocked up with my camera bag with two flash guns, with no intention of ever using them, pure natural light was what I was after that day, to try and capture the natural environment of a newborn child at home with loving parents for the first time and create raw and real images of how it is.

Becoming a father for the first time myself in the last eight months I was on the “same page” shall we say of first time parents with a new screaming baby who constantly cried for food and love, so I felt I was the right man for the job in hand.

One thing I have learnt from my own personal experience is that babies run the show from day dot, and Benjamin was no different, it must have been a good 45 minutes before we got started with the shoot as he needed constant feeding, but who cares, John cooked up some prize winning gammon and had the kettle on, in fact, Eleanor breast feeding Benjamin in the window light turned out to be some of the better photos, and that’s what that day was all about, capturing the true moments of a child at home in the first few days.

I love the way natural light can create so much mood in pictures, if I had popped my flash on the top of my camera I know it would have taken the edge off all the photos, making them artificial and staged like, and this is going to be something I’m going to bring to my wedding photography, don’t get me wrong if a room is as dark as a badgers pocket then I’ll flash it, but as a rule I mean.

I’ve known the couple for a few years now, my girlfriend Sarah is a close friend of Eleanor’s, and has been a kind of mentor during her pregnancy as she herself was pregnant this time last year with our baby Rose, and is bridesmaid for her at her future wedding, always a bridesmaid never a bride is the saying?…* pressure *……
John and I once upon a time while having a few beers came up with a great idea of creating our very own Guess Who board game, you should have heard us that evening in the pub, anyone listening would have thought we had invented the wheel, (the game is still in the beer fantasy factory to this day)

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures of the happy couple and their newborn baby Benjamin, it was a pleasure to be part of the experience with them, I wish them all the luck in the world.


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