Woman and man hold hands on wedding day

Hayley and David: Thrumpton Hall

This was my first proper, full scale wedding since lockdown from the pandemic all began. Hayley and David, Thrumpton Hall, Nottingham.

To be fair, the pandemic was still on, raging even when all this took place. All in the rules of COVID safely, and what was allowed at the time were adheared to perfectly. So much so there was rules in place on how many could attend the wedding, and with this Hayley and David had two weddings, in consecutive days! So there I was before this weekend not picked up my camera for six months and no where near a wedding I had two in one weekend, and I loved it, good to be back on the horse as they say.

The logistics behind it all must have been a complete western super (mare) but Hayley and David pulled it off, fair play to them both, and my role was to document both days as important as each other, and to make my shooting style as seamless and similar as possible.

Here’s what Hayley wrote about her wedding…

“What can I say Gareth! It’s been one crazy year for the wedding industry! But wow what a weekend in a haze of craziness, booked Gareth for the day but with COVID ended up having two weddings over two days and Gareth was more than happy to cover the whole weekend at short notice, I think it was only a week before we knew it was all going ahead! Amazing photos and slide shows and memories that will last a life time. Love the documentary style without the continued holding poses. Thank you Gareth.”

To try and put this into 30 odd images is not easy, as like I’ve said there were two weddings. So double the bridal prep, ceremony, and speeches, which I really enjoyed.

So, that’s the words bit sorted, now the hard bit – how on earth to show the two fab days in one blog. Below is a mixture of both days in chronological order. Just a few differences, the ceremony was inside one day then outside, and there was only an evening party on the second night, keeping up? So that’s the house keeping done on how to look through my blog 🙂






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