Wedding photography style

My approach is quite simply natural, nothing posed or staged, I capture moments as they unfold. My ultimate aim is for you to not even realise I’m there. Saying I’m passionate about getting those all important off the cuff moments for you wouldn’t do it justice, this is why I am a wedding photographer, as I love photographing people.

I’m a photojournalism enthusiast, telling stories with photos, and what better way than at weddings. My background is within the press industry, newspapers and glossy magazines, which I genuinely believe has helped me create a more edgy feel and look to my reportage style.

Photography experience

My 15 years as a press photographer have helped me interact with people and get the best out of situations. Newspaper and magazine editors have often told me that they can only fit one image on the page, so there has to be one picture that tells the whole story. Along with the added pressure of getting that picture in a very short space of time due to deadlines, thinking fast and intuitively. Having the best part of 12 hours to capture your wedding day, I feel I can truly get absorbed and get the best out of it.

Looking back at my time in press it now feels like I was training, learning, tweaking my style, in a way waiting for wedding photojournalism to happen. I continue to learn, everyday and at every wedding and the better picture is always out there.

Wedding pre-shoot photography

As a couple, you have the option for a pre-shoot a few weeks before your wedding, at a location that means something to you. It’s to get you aware of me being around carrying a camera, making you feel comfortable and relaxed, but more so you see results of my style, how I work and reinforcing the undeniable fact that I photographed you both, on that beach or in that woods, yes you! And looking pretty good too, and you are happy with the results.

Bridal prep photography

I’m there from the morning preparations until the first dance, and even beyond. I stay for a while into the evening’s entertainment, as you then get some really great pictures of the party. This is where my style fits your wedding, capturing the night unfolding, documenting the atmosphere.

I really enjoy editing, every image is produced on its own merit, not every photo works and sits best in one tone, vibrancy and rich colours make images jump off the page. Black and white creates atmosphere, mood emotion and character, bringing alive the pictures, the old film look works great and it keeps within my style. The post production is important, not every photographer has the same style and approach, which makes it such a huge marketplace these days. I take as seriously the ethics of editing to the right degree which suits, as much as taking the image in the first instance, and believe both are equally important in the final product.

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