It’s now the end of my wedding season, and what a full on awesome year it has been!

I have traditionally written an end of year blog to show some of my favourite photos of the past twelve months, who I have met and where I have been, and this one you may have noticed, is a bit late. My season didn’t actually finish with editing until mid January and final images delivered to every couple, it has taken until now to write and publish.

The whole end of year blog scenario is to give a nod to the fabulous couples that invited me to be their wedding photographer.  I don’t take this lightly at all, every couple and every wedding is unique to me, it’s a huge privilege to be part of their big day, the big and little moments, relationships between people. I put all my energy into it, and relish having a front row seat. 


I travel anywhere for weddings, and I shot a destination wedding this year in the South of France, which was awesome. I have a hunger to travel much more with my camera, shooting in my style, nothing forced, just natural and unposed, the past year has given me some truly genuine moments to capture. 

I’m massively excited about what 2019 will bring, I go into it with four wedding industry awards from 2018, which I find a massive accomplishment and a huge boost as the wedding photography industry is swamped with uber talented people.

I say it every year but the couples, venues, staff, guests and suppliers I meet through the year make my job what it is, and that’s the best job in the world!

For me writing an end of year blog is closure on everything I have put into each wedding in 2018, I’d just like to thank everyone (feels like I’m giving a groom wedding speech) who put their trust in me, and most importantly fed me during their wedding day.

Thanks loads for reading and taking the time, and so, from beautiful sunny Devon, to the magnifique quaint villages of Southern France, here are just some of my favourite moments from 2018.


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