Every year I put together a collection of images from the year, in no particular order, these are the images that stick with me, and the memories I took away from the actual wedding, and still have of the day itself with the people involved. I strongly believe weddings are a joint effort between the couple and photographer, there has to be a common ground between all of us, with the same goal and end game, which is to get some awesome pictures!. So this blog, is as much about the clients, as it is my photographs, a mutual trust with an understanding of the final product we both want to receive and produce. 

I have reluctantly whittled it down to around 100, with a couple of pictures shot by my second photographers, so credit to them. I rate second photographers highly, to me they are another set of eyes capturing your story, and sharing your memories.  This year has seen me become a finalist in a national wedding award, where I was very honoured to be amongst some amazing talented photographers, and hopefully next year progressing further. My style of documentary wedding photography has tightened up over the past twelve months, where I am now comfortable with the clients that hire me, as we both share the same expectations, capturing moments and emotions, the genuine story. 

Thanks for looking, I hope everyone has an fab Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

2018 – Let’s have it  🙂 !!! 


GRW Photography


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  • Dan Ward January 4, 2018   Reply →

    Awesome mate, some seriously good shots! Hope 2018 is just as good buddy!

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