Well, the groom, Jon Prout, is just too cool for school! I blogged last week about a recent wedding I shot being the most relaxed ever…well this takes chilled out and relaxed to a whole new level.

Jen and Jon Prout’s wedding day was different.  For a start the registrar at Follaton House in Totnes was laid back and chilled, a good strong start, as soon as I met him that morning he opened with “you can do what you want picture wise inside the ceremony, get as close as you like and take as many as you can”. I almost dropped my camera, as I’ve been to a few weddings in my time and I have never had this response. I excitedly went and told the groom Jon how lucky we were to have a registrar like this for their wedding, and his reply, “Yeah, he’s my dad”, brilliant.

The day had taken shape already. All the guests were all pretty much in bright colourful informal wear, not a cuff link in sight, and it all worked.

So, where would you go in between the ceremony and the reception at the Double Locks if you were Jen and Jon on your wedding day? Up Haytor of course to have a hot dog.

We all made our way up to Haytor, including a good number of the wedding party, the sun was out and it was glorious up there.

The reception like I mentioned was at the Double Locks pub in Exeter, another good choice by the happy couple, it was a perfect day, you could tell this is exactly what they both wanted, and they pulled it off, hand crafted table decorations obviously, and I wouldn’t have wanted to see anything else.

Jen and Jon Prout, they did it their way, I wish them both all the luck in the world.

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GRW Photography_Prout_2

GRW Photography_Prout _16a

GRW Photography_Prout _26

GRW Photography_Prout_1

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GRW Photography_Prout_4

GRW Photography_Prout_4a

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GRW Photography_Prout (59)

GRW Photography_Prout_5b

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GRW Photography_Prout_8

GRW Photography_Prout_9

GRW Photography_Prout_10

GRW Photography_Prout_11

GRW Photography_Prout_12

GRW Photography_Prout_13

GRW Photography_Prout_14

GRW Photography_Prout_15

GRW Photography_Prout_16

GRW Photography_Prout_16b

GRW Photography_Prout_17

GRW Photography_Prout_18

GRW Photography_Prout_19

GRW Photography_Prout_20

GRW Photography_Prout_21

GRW Photography_Prout_22

GRW Photography_Prout_23

GRW Photography_Prout_24

GRW Photography_Prout_25

GRW Photography_Prout_27

GRW Photography_Prout_27a

GRW Photography_Prout_27b

GRW Photography_Prout_27c

GRW Photography_Prout_27d

GRW Photography_Prout_27e

GRW Photography_Prout_27f

GRW Photography_Prout_29

GRW Photography_Prout_30

GRW Photography_Prout_31

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