The wedding of Ben and Lauren was always going to be a good crack. I met them by default, as I was recommended to them by another wedding photographer, which was a good result as recommendations are always a bonus, and it’s nice to know you have other “snapper friends” out there in the same game.

The weather around this time was awful, really bad, it was November, floods everywhere across Devon and beyond. On the morning itself I started to wish the rain would just chill out on their day, even just for a while, as they were a proper nice couple and deserved a bit of a break.

I walked into the Cheriton Bishop Old Thatch Inn to do Lauren’s bridal prep photographs, first thing she asked was “Is it still raining bad?”…  a pregnant pause by me unfortunately, a quick wipe of rain from my eyebrows… “Yep”…

The rain never seemed to bother Lauren at all, and why should it, she was getting married, in the village she grew up in with all her family and mates around her. 

I finished up doing the bridal preparation shots and scooted over the road to the church to find a wet Ben, but like Lauren, happy and smiling.

Church service done, we all made our way to Reed Hall on the campus of Exeter University, a beautiful building, and one of Exeter’s most popular wedding venues.

My second shooter had met me there, Cara, it was the second wedding she had done with me, and played her part well again.

I knew the rain would be a huge factor in the pictures, but I desperately wanted to get them outside to photograph where we had previously discussed at our planning day. I felt like I shoulder barged them both out the front entrance of Reed Hall, knocking bridesmaids and champagne out the way, but the rain had eased, and I knew the potential of pictures waiting for us. I wanted them to have pictures they could both look back on, even in the rain.

So the wedding was a good one, lovely family and friends, and a few “Movember” moustaches for good measure. I particularly enjoyed photographing the first dance, as Lauren seemed to find her feet, on her special day. I hope you enjoy taking a quick look at the photos…



ReedHall_GRWPhotography(1) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(2) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(3) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(4) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(5) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(6) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(7) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(8) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(9) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(10) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(16) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(11) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(12) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(13) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(14) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(15) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(17) ReedHall_GRWPhotography(18)

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