Deer Park Wedding Photography

Wedding pre-shoot photography


My first meeting with Stephanie and Stephen was on top of Dartmoor on a crisp morning, when I say crisp, I mean freezing! All the same, it was really cool to hook up with the pair properly for the first time for their pre-shoot (see below a couple of images from it). It was around the time of the Six Nations in rugby, so we were both keen to get back to a TV in the warmth to watch our native Wales (me) and Ireland for Stephen.

Wedding prep photos

It had been promising thunder and lightning all day, torrential downpours the lot, but thankfully it never arrived, the odd rumble while Dad’s speech was on, but all in all a dry summery day was had. Steph got ready with all her bridesmaids and family at her parents home, while my second photographer was at the venue, the Deer Park Hotel near Honiton, with Stephen. I arrived to a kitchen full of women wearing matching dressing gowns, and a lovely feast was laid out for breakfast, and it all seemed pretty chilled in there. Steph had organised disposable cameras for all the children at the wedding, and a shot list of what to get during the day, brilliant idea I thought, and it was, all day children appeared in places taking pictures, which kept them busy and entertained. Now, there is an image I have selected for this blog that I don’t normally show on any of my social media or website, but I’ll basically do anything you ask of me during the day, I just predominantly want to attract clients that like my documentary style, but like I said, I’m happy to create a collection of pictures/memories that you would look back on, and so with saying this, there is a group of bridesmaids/bridal party folk jumping in the garden, apart from the little flower girl, which totally cracked me up!! A quick swivel or two later on a twirly whirly chair by the children, and Steph was walking down her dad’s stairs to show everyone her for the first time in her wedding dress. 

Church wedding photos

Steph turned up and looked like a woman who was ready to do this, determined with a big smile,  inside the church and during the ceremony Steph was stood in the perfect position to show off her veil in the light shining through the stained glass windows, I got lucky with the light, but as someone once told me, “better to be lucky than good”. The vows were locked in, the hymns were sang, and the last of the confetti was thrown, it was time to head to Deer Park. 


Deer Park Hotel wedding 

The children as soon as I got to the venue, were quickly filling their brief with their deposable cameras, and taking pictures of the happy couple, I was able to prize them away for ten minutes for some couple time pictures, no posing, just natural informal stuff, just stepping away from the wedding for a few minutes I believe can galvanise couples, and ready for the next stage, which was the speeches. 


Evening wedding photography

A very well choreographed first dance was the whisper I heard, and it didn’t disappoint, a lift at the end was the perfect recipe for the party to truly begin, The Zoots were the band, and did a good job for what I could see. 

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