I got commissioned recently by Damien Mills of Goal Media to help re-design the website for Devon Doctors. They provide the urgent out-of-hours GP service in Devon.

They exist to benefit the local communities they serve. Any profits are put back into the health services. Run by healthcare professionals, owned by GP practices, a great cause and business.  My role in all of this was to update the website with fresh new pictures; we went around a few sites where I got a real feel for the service they provide.

Every advertisement they receive can only be a good thing, so here’s my help below:

Contact them on the urgent out-of-hours patient line 0845 6710 270 or 01392 824 600


GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_1 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_2 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_3 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_4 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_5 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_6 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_7 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_8 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_9 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_10 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_11 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_12 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_13 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_14 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_15 GRWPhotography_DevonDoctor_16 Devon Doctors photos by GRW Photography

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