I’m writing this on the birthday of my daughter, Rose, who is now two, it was also our first family Christmas in our new home in Starcross, Devon.

So I have put a few photographs together which I took over the Christmas period, and whacked them on a blog. So when Rose is older we can show her boyfriend when he pops around for a cheese sandwich and an awkward meet and greet with yours truly.

Rose got spoilt again by everyone, having two Grandmas is a good start and has always been onto a win win.

My mum came down to stay from Wales, and it was a good Christmas, especially now with a young daughter, boxes still seemed to be the overall winner for Rose.

So, here are a few pictures to look at, my actual favourite is the last image of the set, the picture in black and white, but I never took it, as much as I’d love to claim it I cant, my better half Sarah who’s also a keen snapper took it, if anyone is interested in having some children’s portrait photography done , then please get in touch.

Thanks for your time


GRWPhotographyxmas2012_1 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_2 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_3 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_4 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_5 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_6 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_7 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_8 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_9 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_10 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_11 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_12 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_13 GRWPhotographyxmas2012_14

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