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It’s now the end of my wedding season, and what a full on awesome year it has been! I have traditionally written an end of year blog to show some of my favourite photos of the past twelve months, who I have met and where I have been, and this one you may have noticed, is a bit late. My season didn’t actually finish with editing until mid January and final images delivered to every couple, it has taken until […]

Bride: The Wedding Show – Photographer

I’m looking forward to exhibiting at Exeter Westpoint this weekend for Bride: The Wedding Show. So many new people to meet as well as saying hello to some of my industry peers. This weekend I shall be on stand 509 showing a selection of my documentary wedding photography. There will be hundreds of stands as well as catwalk shows, a cafe and the chance to bag some free goodies! I look forward to chatting to lots of brides, grooms, friends […]

Black and white wedding photography

Black and white wedding photos continue to be popular. How do I make monochrome work for my clients? I have thousands of black and white photos I could blog about, but I thought I’d keep it fresh by using some I have shot and edited this season so far. To give a full collection of edited images over in all colour, is just something I wouldn’t do, on the same hand nor would I present them all in black and […]

Deer Park Wedding Photography

Wedding pre-shoot photography ~ My first meeting with Stephanie and Stephen was on top of Dartmoor on a crisp morning, when I say crisp, I mean freezing! All the same, it was really cool to hook up with the pair properly for the first time for their pre-shoot (see below a couple of images from it). It was around the time of the Six Nations in rugby, so we were both keen to get back to a TV in the […]

Tunnels Beaches wedding photographer

Rachel & Charlie were the couple, we met over a coffee in a service station which seems like now a lifetime ago, but that’s where our journey together started, at a Costa. Like most of my first meet ups with clients, a coffee or a beer are either involved, unless it’s a Skype, where I then barely wear any clothes from the waist down, only joking, honest! After just chatting for less than five minutes, I knew we were the […]

Are engagement photos or pre-wedding shoots worth it?

Firstly, I don’t really like the term ‘engagement shoot’, nor do I like pre-shoot, to me these terms cast an image of big lights, wind machines and fluffers (whatever they are) and over the top blue steel poses straight down the barrel of the lens, a thousand mile stare that could be placed straight in to any Freemans catalogue. I prefer the phrase couple time wedding photography, but for the sake of the blog I have called it engagement pre-shoot […]


I’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for a long while now, but felt it a little in bad taste at the time, as the wedding morning preparations all began in the Royal Clarence Hotel, in Exeter, which devastatingly only months after these images were taken was destroyed by a huge fire.  But as restoration plans are well under way, and the people of Exeter are all seeing the future of it all becoming back as it once was, I’m […]


For anyone who systematically reads my blogs word for word (yeah right, not even my mam does) you’d notice a strong occurrence of me saying how lovely the couple are and how fab the wedding venue was.  Well, this one shall be no different, and I’ll tell you why.  Cassie and Jonny’s ( who are lovely ) wedding ( at the fab ) Huntsham Court was amazing, one of my most favourite wedding couples ever, in one of my favourite venues, it’s […]


This couple were great, we had a conversation at their wedding venue six months or so previous, we got each other, and it was on the cards since then, my style, my editing, my approach, documentary wedding photography, let’s do this and make some memory stuff happen.  Hotel Endsleigh is fantastic, the grounds and interior exceptional, this was a small wedding party and wedding, and it doesn’t matter, the outcome is always the same – fab, this sounds a bit […]


Fran & Nick! Ahhh, very fun people to be around for their wedding at The Barn in South Milton.  It all started off with myself, Stewart my second photographer and videographer Crispin heading down to South Devon early morning to capture the happy couple paddle boarding in the sea, the weather was wet, and the waves were choppy, the videographer donned a wetsuit too and was in with his Go Pro, it was all hands on deck! It looked so […]