This is a fun little blog I thought I’d share about an experience I had over the last couple of months. Meet my friend Taji, a Turkish Cut throat razor barber. Over Christmas I was desperately in need of a groom, like a sign from beyond the razor I had parked my car right outside his Barbers shop in Exeter, what are the chances of this I thought, so being led by the jaws of fate I conveniently walked my hairy self in to get shaven.

Sat in that chair, only me in there, (with of course the ever present Noddy Holder on the radio over Christmas) I racked my brain for reassurance that Sweeny Todd wasn’t of Turkish Origin, while Taji went away to sharpen some steel.

The experience I ended up enjoying, I felt like a proper lord, getting de-fuzzed, We chatted, and got on well, I said I was a photographer, and he told me he needed some pictures done of his Barbers shop and new fancy car, and so, like two old characters from an early Dickens Novel, we bartered away, I’d take some pictures for him, and he shaved my face and cut my hair. – Sorted.

I don’t know what was more strange, myself and a Turkish Barber on a freezing Devon Beach early on a Sunday morning with his girlfriend, my camera and his car just for company, or the Jeep that screeched by the side of us, where a bunch of students jumped out, got naked, ran in the water, ran out, jumped back in Jeep and sped off was. The rest of that day I wondered if Taji found that whole experience as or more weird than me.

Some people you meet and instantly like, and he was one of them, one of he good guys in all of this, and so, here we are, Taji has some photos of his shop and new car, and me, well, I need another shave again..;) I hope you enjoy the pictures, thanks for your time….

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  • Rose March 30, 2012   Reply →

    Great story and great pictures ! Keep up the good worth Gareth

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