I was pretty excited when I got hired to do a spot of wedding photography in Cambridge, not been there, especially for anything academic for sure. So I set off around 11am the previous morning from my home near Exeter in Devon, and got to site at a staggering 21.45pm, wow! I never knew Friday traffic could be so brutal, I can remember just being stuck on the road seven hours in and clocking a sign which read Felixstowe 90 miles, nice, as lovely and beautiful Felixstowe potentially is, I was glad my couple, Lu and Dan weren’t getting married there. I went through listening to every talk sport radio show, and was starting to think I’d be tuning in to the Sports Bar which started at 10pm, but thankfully I rolled into Cambridge at the venue, even Ken on my sat nav sounded relieved, but sadly not, I had got my hotels mixed up, whoopee, I had gone to the hotel I was supposed to stay in, before I swapped for one at the venue of the wedding, perfect I thought, so there I was, another 20 minutes in the car, listening to the Sports Bar on the radio. 

I was up bright and early the following morning, all set for the wedding, I headed across the town to where Lou was getting ready with her friends and family, it was a good vibe in the room, all buzzing and going about bridesmaids duties, I did what I normally do, and sat back, observed and shot in my documentary style of wedding photography, no posing, no bossing, just going with the flow, and capturing the story unfold, trying to blend in as much as I can with three cameras around my person.

All day I was looking forward to shooting the first dance, after my recce in the morning around the site, they had great lighting and black shiny flooring, this always makes for cool bright and funky images, even though Lu and Dan had specifically asked for a certain amount of black & white pictures in my editing process, as they loved my editing look and finish on them, I knew this particular batch and aspect of their wedding day would be full of vibrant colour.

It’s at this point within my wedding photography blogs I tend to peel off and get to the photographs, it’s all about the pictures hopefully, and not me twittering on about stuff, I thought Cambridge was a fab place, and couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph and be with after a hefty drive on a busy Friday. 

Thanks for you time, and I’d love to hear any thoughts on the blog.

Cheers all 


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