I got asked the other week to help out a friend in the same business as myself – Andy Green of Harrera Images; a good wedding photographer to say the least.

I’ve known Andy for many years and we used to work for the same paper in our press days. Andy left to become a fine art wedding photographer back in 2008, where it didn’t take him long to build up a good reputation and get consistant bookings from couples that bought into his photography style.

I was very keen to help him out at Powderham Castle, as I knew the potential the place had for brilliant pictures with all the light that poured into the place, plus believing that my own personal style in pictures isn’t a million miles away from Andy’s, and where I want to take it, I was hopeful I could do a good job and deliver what he wanted.

My job that day was to follow the Grooms’ every move until he resided at the church, and then document the day. I arrived at his house with my Harrera Images hat on. I get Andy and his style, so it wasn’t long before I was trying to capture that gritty documentary look. The photographs I have put up on this blog are all in black and white, as everytime I shoot a wedding these days i’m getting a little bit more of a romance with this way of capturing events.

Since a young shy kid who used to hide his camera under his coat from older boys in the village, just in case they took the rise out of me for walking down the road holding a camera, and not a can of lager, I have been intrigued by black and white photography, and how moody pictures and situations can be made to look, not in a false way, but in a real way, as how they truly are.

I studied photography in school through to university, as I didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter, as photography was all I thought about. It was there I becameĀ a huge fan of Bill Brandt, who is widely considered to be one of the most important British photographers of the 20th century. His style in black and white photo journalism lept off the pages at me, how he used starch whites against contrasting moody dark skies seem to have set the tone in myself, and this is how I like to shoot my weddings now, getting what the couple want from their wedding pictures of course, ‘get it in the can’, then have a little wander off and do my own thing, free to document their special day.

This is why being Andy’s second shooter at this wedding was a no brainer for me, capturing the day in a documentary style while not having the added stress and pressure that comes with doing a wedding on your own, I was like a tramp on a sandwich…

Thanks for your time.

…If you fancy seeing the whole blog from Harrera Images at Powderham Castle click here to view the photos

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