Black and white wedding photography

Black and white wedding photos continue to be popular. How do I make monochrome work for my clients?

I have thousands of black and white photos I could blog about, but I thought I’d keep it fresh by using some I have shot and edited this season so far.

To give a full collection of edited images over in all colour, is just something I wouldn’t do, on the same hand nor would I present them all in black and white, unless asked specifically. I have been asked a couple of times to create more B&W photos than colour, but never the other way around.

Everyone loves black and white pictures, but why? I don’t have the answers, and to be honest with you I don’t want the answers. Personally for me I love the mystery and emotion behind black and white. To me it tells a story quicker to the eye, with much more impact and truth. Black and white brings less of a distraction from the surroundings, adding and creating mood and a genuine feel, silhouettes are something I always love to get, strong and emotive moments captured in this way look great, I want to convey them through my wedding photography. 

The images within this blog are by no means master strokes created in Lightroom (was darkroom once upon a time), but just how I like to use black and white within my role documenting your wedding day; capturing emotions and moments, using the tones, shapes and grades, along with the subject to use to my advantage. A couple of these images are shot by my trustee second photographer Joe, who has adapted brilliantly into the way I work in keeping within my edgy documentary photography style. 

And then possibly the most important point in all of this, black and white makes us all look far better than colour and is a lot more forgiving and kind to us all! I would love to hear from you if you are interested in my style of wedding photography.



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