We walked around Fernworthy Reservoir for the pre shoot, it was then that Elizabeth told me there was an old village at the bottom of the lake, how cool was that? A whole village under water, and you could see the church steeple when the reservoir is low enough, anyway, enough of the history, let’s chat about their wedding. 

They got married at the awesome Berry Head Hotel in Brixham, where we took two trips to the beach during the day for photos, pretty much a beach to ourselves, as steps lead down from the venue, and the sun was out so we all made the most of a great opportunity. 

A fun party atmosphere after food on the terrace, as the sun was getting lower the spirits were getting higher, all dancing around to a live band, blue skies and sea all around us, it was a good vibe, and a party that was just getting started.

I wish them both all the happiness, as they are a top couple.

Thanks for looking.


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  • Martin Dabek March 26, 2017  

    Great storytelling mate. Great frames.

  • Luis June 18, 2017  

    What a moment of joy! Images are awesome.