Well, this was a nice wedding, with even lovelier people, up in North Devon, at the Ash Barton Estate, never been before, but would love to return and shoot another wedding at some point.

Gina and Chris, and daughter Indie were the folk involved, along with all the other guests obviously, and a great day was had by all.

Gina got in touch relatively in advance of her wedding, in comparison to most, and I remember it like yesterday. I had literally just walked back through my front door from my very own stag, fresh not a word I’d sum up myself, but could think of a few others more fitting, my stag was tough, real tough, as I not only got set up kidnapped only 24 hours ago but the sleep deprivation was kicking in, but I had to reply to an email, a lovely email actually, from Gina, which made me feel better, and more back in the room. 

Our pre shoot was a lot of fun, when I eventually got there, I took my family up to Woolacombe for an afternoon out, but was nattering away to the wife in the car I missed the junction for North Devon off the M5, and ended up what seemed like a cross country journey through everywhere.

So, the wedding, a great day, the venue was fab, you couldn’t move for wind turbines, and we got some stuff with them delicately poised and posed in the background. I set up my personalised Photo Booth, a manned prop box, which seemed to go down well, I even did my obligatory get in a few pictures with my second shooter and pal Stuart, some things just need to be done. 

Apart from almost getting taken out by a confetti cannon after standing in rather the wrong place at the wrong time, I had a blast from start to finish, great people who I can now call friends.

Thanks for taking the time.


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