Are engagement photos or pre-wedding shoots worth it?

Firstly, I don’t really like the term ‘engagement shoot’, nor do I like pre-shoot, to me these terms cast an image of big lights, wind machines and fluffers (whatever they are) and over the top blue steel poses straight down the barrel of the lens, a thousand mile stare that could be placed straight in to any Freemans catalogue. I prefer the phrase couple time wedding photography, but for the sake of the blog I have called it engagement pre-shoot photography, as this is what the general terminology is for this. 

It’s not compulsory or mandatory to have any pre-wedding photographs taken with me, all it is, quite simply is just something I offer. There’s no practising your Vogue moves and grips, working on your best pouts, nothing like that, it’s all very relaxed and fun. An opportunity for you both to have some nice couple time pictures, but more importantly for us all to get over that first line of photographer versus couple.  As when you receive your pre-shoot images it reinforces the undeniable fact thats it’s actually you in the pictures, and looking pretty good too!

Like I have already said, it’s not a must to have an engagement shoot with me, I have shot lots of couple’s weddings without one, it’s not an issue at all, some folk just don’t dig a pre-shoot, or can’t make it logistically, or the time, which is cool, but I personally, if I am being honest really enjoy doing them, as in a former life I was a press photographer for many years, where on a daily basis I would be assigned to photograph strangers in random locations, to make them feel comfortable and try to make them feel at ease and enjoy the experience, where I believe and without wanting to blow my own camera trumpet was pretty good at, and as it’s my mission and passion to give you the very best from me, I would always be more than happy to do such a photography shoot, and I love it when you receive your edited pre-shoot pictures, and how happy you are with the outcome, and it’s not only couple’s that end up getting photographed too, I’ve had children, dogs, horses, kids and Grandmas, who have all been involved.

You obviously get to keep all the edited hi-res files, and to do what you please with them, normally around 40 or 50, potentially more, depending on how much fun we’re all having, you choose your favourite, and I get it mounted on A2 card, the picture is around A4 size, I bring it to your wedding, where all your friends and family can sign it, and leave a hand written message on it. I have also included a couple of pictures at the end of the blog, showing someone signing the picture, and one of it placed at the reception. 

Is an engagement shoot in keeping with my style of being a documentary wedding photographer? Probably not. Couple time pictures only make up around 10% of my style and more importantly time of documenting your wedding, I’m more about the moments and emotions, but when we do go out for some couple time photographs as the sun sets over your lovely wedding venue, be sure that I’m all ready and revved for the moment 🙂 

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